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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

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  • Response: Corruption now a legal practice at Beitbridge border post - WhatsApp ...

    Jul 17 -- 9:13pm, 16 Jul - ‪+27 82 ▩▩▩ ▩▩▩▩‬: Corruption now a legal practice at Beit Bridge Border post by Zimra officials and the clearing Agents,I cleared my Tractor on Thursday last week,the Agent said he thinks the Duty would be more than R5000 and he ... Bulawayo24

  • Judge Orders Hearing to Determine if CDC Official Can be an 'Expert Witness'

    Jul 17 -- Instead, Williams will be subjected to a “Daubert” hearing on Friday to determine whether he will be eligible to testify as an expert witness for the government in the criminal trial of Parnell and two other former Peanut Corporation of America (PCA ... Food Safety News

  • Unauthorized Practice and Professional Liability Risks

    Jul 16 -- Lawyers have to stay on the straight and narrow to avoid legal malpractice, fee disputes and breaching the applicable rules of professional conduct. The unauthorized practice of law and the professional misconduct that comes with it result inevitably ... New York Law Journal (re

  • Bowles Rice LLP Selects Aderant Expert Legal Practice and Financial ...

    Jul 16 -- Aderant, the world's largest independent legal software company, announced today that West Virginia based law firm Bowles Rice LLP selected Aderant Expert as its new legal practice and financial management software. The move to Expert will help ... Motor E magazine

  • The Amazonization of Law Practice

    Jul 16 -- My wife works in book publishing. Whenever I lament the changes overtaking the legal profession, she responds with something like “you should try my business.” Book publishing in general, and her area of endeavor, academic publishing, in particular ... Law.com

  • Heval Hylan suspended from legal practice

    Jul 15 -- The New Zealand Lawyers and Conveyancers Disciplinary Tribunal has suspended Heval Hylan of Auckland for a period of nine months. Mr Hylan was found guilty of misconduct for certifying a separation agreement which he knew was false. The tribunal ... Voxy

  • Legal Practice Bill may be delayed by budgetary constraints

    Jul 15 -- Important legislation likely to be affected by implementation-related budgetary constraints includes the and the Protection of Personal Information (Popi) Act and the Protection from Harassment Act, according to a National Assembly Justice and ... Legalbrief (subscription

Clipped from Google -- Jul 2014
Jury/Trial Consultants
Beverly Hills, California
Hennington & Associates, Inc
Handles all types of cases across the United States, representing individuals as well as private and public entities and representing both plaintiffs and defendents in civil and criminal matters.
Lake Elsinore, California
Sundblom Design Group
Jury research and case preparation, strategy development, digital case management, supplementing existing demonstrative evidence with additional recommendations, graphic illustrations, document imaging and coding and video synching services.
Los Angeles, California
The Advocates
The Advocates is the nation's leading firm of jury consultants and trial consultants. Offices in 17 major cities.
Decision Analysis
Trial consultants provide comprehensive survey, mock trial, and focus group research and communication strategies in mediation, arbitration, administrative hearing, bench, or jury trials. Offices in Los Angeles and Chicago.
Oakland, California
The Focal Point, LLC
Provides litigation graphics, jury insight, trial strategy and themes support. Graphics include: printed exhibit boards; projected exhibits; animations; interactive flash presentations; and, scale models. Additional office in Santa Fe, NM
San Diego, California
Dr. Anthony Napoleon, Ph.D. -- Napoleon Legal Consulting, Inc.
Aids in the selection of juries, providing questions or developing strategies, observes, monitors and analyses juries and conducts post verdict clinical interviews. Creates both verbal and written questions.
San Francisco, California
Think Twice, Inc.
Provides services for all stages of litigation, including strategic planning, mock jury consulting, story development, display boards, fully-rendered animations, video and multimedia presentations, video editing and synchronization, power point, etc.
Sierra Madre, California
Bernstein Crisis Management, Inc.
Crisis/issues management public relations consultants assist in evaluation and analysis of public relations liability and damages exposure in litigation matters, public relations defenses and/or any proactive tactics, anticipate jury pool reactions, etc.
Walnut Creek, California
Verdix Jury Consulting, Inc.
Provides trial strategy, case formulation, witness preparation and jury selection services for complex civil litigation (paintiff and defense), white collar cases and death penalty cases.
Tampa, Florida
Best Evidence, Inc.
Provides a broad range of trial support services, including jury research and mock trials, document management, jury research, demonstrative aids, video services and electronic publishing services